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Naturally occurring compounds, known as phytochemicals (phyto means plant in Greek) are thought to be largely responsible for the protective health benefits of these plant-based foods and beverages, beyond those conferred by their vitamin and mineral contents. These phytochemicals, which are part of a large and varied group of chemical compounds, also are responsible for the color, flavor, and odor of plant foods, such as Lutein dark orange color, bitters from bitter melon, and garlic’s pungent odor. Research strongly suggests that consuming foods rich in phytochemicals provides health benefits, but not enough information exists to make specific recommendations for phytochemical intake.
Hundreds of phytochemical compounds, with several different biological functions, have been identified in plant-based foods.

Phytocompounds as Reference Standards for Quality Control

Prakruti Products offer phytocompounds as reference standards for quality control and standardization of herbal products at affordable price.
Standardization provides a more consistent, stronger and more effective product backed by chemical analysis to confirm the presence and ratio quantity of active phytocompound which is characteristic of the plant.

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